1001+ Great Sex Tips for Couples

1001 sex tips

1001 great sex tips for men and women. Naughty tricks and sexy tips: A couple’s guide to uninhibited erotic pleasure.

  • 2 virtually unknown sexy ways to touch each
    other: These fresh, frisky moves will thrill all of your moan zones
  • How to eroticize any game! You’ll both have a new
    found interest in “Monopoly”
  • 50 pre-sex secrets of couples who don’t know
    the meaning of “not in the mood”
  • 41 foreplay tips & techniques from sex-crazed couples…Including the best ice-cube trick we’ve ever heard
  • 61 hot-zones that will make both of you melt
  • Why “69” is one of the worst positions for oral sex. If you’re both doing this, you two could be keeping an immeasurable amount of pleasure locked-up
  • 33 multiple orgasms tips and techniques for men and women
  • The #1 thing you to do before going through the “back door.”
  • 4 reasons why women can’t have G-spot orgasms…no matter how hard they try…and what you can do about it
  • The 3 keys to guarantee G-spot orgasms
  • 25 aphrodisiac secrets that couples crave more sex
  • 44 sexual-supplement tips that will put your love life on steroids
  • 10 ways sex-hungry couples use to quickly and easily get back in the love-making-mood after being interrupted! You can even use these during your pre-sex routine
  • 50 mouthwatering masturbation secrets of match-made-in-heaven couples that will make both of you melt
  • 54 hot new sex games…Play a different one each night! You two will be thinking you’ve died and went to pleasure heaven

Download this ebook: PDF | 667 KB | 147 Pages | English

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