Would you like to give your wife or girlfriend an amazing G spot orgasm? I’ll show you the fastest way to do it in this step-by-step guide.

“I’d like to try to give my girlfriend a g-spot orgasm either with my dick, fingers or a toy. I’m fairly inexperienced and so is she, she hasn’t really explored herself so she doesn’t think she has a g-spot and maybe she doesn’t because I’m not real sure either. The last time we had sex though before I entered her I fingered her while she was on top and she said it felt really good. I did the come hither motion and what not. So I’d like to know what toys, positions or moves would be best for her to achieve this orgasm?” – Eric R., 24

Every woman is little different. Some women experience female ejaculation; others don’t. Some girls like the really direct stimulation that a toy like the Lelo Elise can give, others find that too intense. But there are a few basic steps that can help you to give a woman a g-spot orgasm.

#1 Deep Kissing
Take things slooooow to begin. Tease her. Have her lie down in missionary (or you can try doggy style if she prefers,) and just focus on her. Don’t rush for her breasts or genitals. Spend a couple minutes caressing and kissing her.

#2 Genital Stimulation
When she’s good and wet, slide a finger inside her. Massage the vaginal wall that’s closest to the clit, paying attention to where she’s the most sensitive. Focus on that spot – some women like gradually intensifying pressure and/or faster movement. Add fingers as needed.

#3 Oral
Most women are still going to need clit stimulation even if the orgasm is coming from the g-spot, so use your mouth. Keep that steady and focus on massaging the g-spot.

If you do everything right, she should have a super intense orgasm, but keep licking and fingering her through it. This is the kind of female orgasm that can involve her entire body, making a woman feel numb and shiver with excitement uncontrollably.

I’ve given you the basics here, but that method never fails. To get more advanced orgasm techniques I suggest you watch this video now!


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