Being on top has its perks. You get to be in total control of your pleasure and he gets to see you in all your glory – win, win!

But the thing is, doing the cowgirl sex position right is nothing short of an art – it requires some skill. One worth mastering!

Cowgirl Sex Position Tips

1. Stretch for sex

Oh, sure! It seems obvious – but when was the last time you actually stretched before sex? This simple sounding tip can actually help you avoid those leg cramps, ladies!

2. Squats, squats, squats!

Seriously. Those squats will pay off big time! But how about trying them when you are on top?! Instead of being on your knees with your feet facing his – why not sit on him, quite literally, and straddle him like you’re doing a squat. You can use his hands to help you balance and give your knees a break!

3. Don’t Go Too Fast

The girl on top position makes the girl go really tired and going on too fast can make her even more tired and ruins the sex. Great sex is all about the right motion and rhythm that both of you follow. When everything goes in a synchronized manner, you tend to enjoy it even more. Also, if you’ll move too fast, your partner may not feel involved and it can even burn his inner thighs that can make him lose interest.

4. Read The Signs

One important thing that you need to gauge on is to read the signs that he is giving to you. Sex isn’t about only your pleasure, it requires you to read his signs to orgasm together. So, slow down or pace up to let him get back his control.

5. Note The Motions

Motions really matter, and when you are on top position. You can move in slow circles, go a little fast and slow and go vertically up and down to feel it well. But make sure not to jump in between too quickly, make sure to take the second move by giving some signs to let your partner sync with your moves.

6. Practice makes perfect

There’s no harm practising and stretching at home in preparation for being the one on top. Get on your bed, grab a pillow and work through the motions! Getting your leg muscles to adjust to this position over time, is a great idea.

7. Pelvis to pelvis

When you begin to work your magic, remember to start slow – there is no need to rush this! Try to align your pelvis with his for the best rhythm and to master girl on top position.

8. Pillow power

Pillows are not just these dreamy clouds that we can sleep on – they are also dreamy clouds that we can nuzzle under our knees to give them some cushion for on top position!

9. You’ve got options

Luckily there are many different ways to be on top – cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, face to face, leaning back, etc. So, learn how to be on top during sex and this way you won’t have to stay in the same position for too long! In fact, mixing it up will help him last longer too.

10. One leg up, one leg down

Try and see if you can keep one leg on the floor while being on top – it’ll help you to gain some leverage and have a firm foot to work from! It’ll also help ease the tension in your leg if you’ve been at it for a while.

11. Get him upright

Sometimes it helps to have something – or someone to hold on to when you’re on top. Ask your guy to sit up while you are on top of him. It’ll be a lot easier for you to maintain balance! Plus, it’s so intimately wonderful! You can always try holding the headboard for support as well.

12. Foreplay first

Remember, being on top doesn’t just mean sex! It means being in control – so if you want to go down on your man before riding him, trust us, he isn’t going to object.

13. Get him involved

Tell him to use his hands to bounce your body on top of him. He can also thrust up as you push down – it’ll create less strain for you and more of a fluid movement.

Involving him will make him enjoy the situation even more and it is one of the most fun girl on top tips that we can give you. 😉