How does a penis pump work?

The concept behind a penis pump is to draw out the erect shape of your penis to its full length using vacuum pressure and allow it to stay there as the erection deflates. The process allows your penis, which is made up of flexible connective tissue, to be stretched and stimulate penis growth.

How to use a penis pump

The method for knowing how to use a penis pump varies on the design of the product. Battery powered pumps with automatic pumping features include less manual intervention while the most basic ones act like how a breast pump works. But despite these differences, penis pumps require you to do some basic steps.

#1 Inserting the erect penis inside the airtight cavity.
Make sure that your penis is erect and fully inserted within the cavity from base to tip.

#2 Securing the penis band on the base of your penis.
To ensure the air drawing is as smooth as possible, the penis band should be secured snugly at the base of the penis to prevent air from coming in as the user starts pumping out air. To facilitate this, most penis pumps suggest the user shave his pubic hair in order to have a snug fit.

#3 Pumping out the air.
You can do this manually or just by pressing a switch depending on the brand of the penis pump. This process sucks out the air inside the cavity where the penis sits and makes the user feel a certain amount of pressure from the vacuum.

#4 Monitoring pressure.
Pressure levels are monitored by a gauge and users are encouraged to keep it at a certain level and a certain number of minutes depending on the user’s prescribed pumping regimen. If necessary, pressure can be added or decreased during the process.

#5 Post pumping maintenance.
After the pumping process, the penis is allowed to relax. Users are also sometimes encouraged to massage their penis in order to let the blood flow through the cavities.


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