There is no point denying it, cowgirl is the best sex position out there.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it regular or you are going for reverse, either way feels amazing.

It allows a female complete control, and you can control the exact pace you’re going at. Plus, it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to orgasm. And not only orgasm once, but it allows for repeat pleasure.

So what are you waiting for?

First things first: There is no right or wrong way to ride your partner! I’ll give you plenty of tips and techniques, but try to remember that your goal is your own enjoyment. Trying these techniques should feel good for you too.

Now, here’s how to ace the girl on top position and make riding your guy feel even better.

  • The Basics

    Have your partner lie flat on their back, and straddle them so that your legs are on each side of their body. You should be resting on your knees, with your feet pointing back towards their feet, and your body should be fairly upright.

    Take their penis in your hand and help guide it into you. A little lube can help them slide in easier, especially if you’re feeling nervous. Lower all the way onto them. Then, slowly start rocking your hips back and forth in the direction of their head. Keep your pelvis in contact with theirs at first.

    Now try grinding your hips in slow circles. Experiment with clockwise and counterclockwise movements.

  • Forget What You See in Porn

    You always see porn stars flat on their feet, bouncing up and down at breakneck speed, and slamming down with a ferocious intensity. It looks intimidating, painful, and even a little terrifying!

    In reality, cowgirl is a much more relaxed position. You typically use a smaller range of motion, move slower, and grind more than bounce. Don’t let porn keep you from trying it out.

  • Don’t go too fast

    Finishing too soon is one of the most common sexual problems men face. There are several “tricks” that can delay his orgasm and give you the chance to climax simultaneously. ‘Edging’ means bringing someone to the brink of orgasm but denying them the final climax and it’s a great way to drive your man wild in bed.