Sure, Missionary may have a reputation for being The vanilla sex position. But it’s far from a snooze.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have gentle, easy sex. And there’s nothing wrong or weird about that. But, there are some ways to make it a little bit different, to heat it up a bit.

Try these ten easy hacks to make missionary sex explosively good.

Aim for the A-spot
Adding a pillow under your hips tilts your pelvis into a position that allows for easier penetration and the possibility of hitting two tantalising spots.

“It makes the anterior wall of the vagina – the front towards the navel – more accessible during penetration with a toy, fingers or a penis,” says Emily.

“There are two internal pleasure spots here: the G-spot and the A-spot.”

The latter is located deeper, near the cervix.

Resting on a pillow also helps those with smaller penises who want deeper penetration and prevents neck pain when giving oral sex, as the neck doesn’t need to be as strained to reach the vagina.

The Liberator Microfibre Sex Position Wedge, £99.99, from Lovehoney, offers the optimal 27-degree angle of elevation for deeper penetration if regular bedroom pillows aren’t cutting it.

Lock ’em in
Go deep with this move that can help increase your chances of orgasm.

“While in missionary, wrap your legs around your partner’s body,” Emily explains.

Wrap your legs around your partner during sex
Wrap your legs around your partner during sexCredit: Getty
“This gives you more control, as you are able to pull them deeper inside and move your body so your internal pleasure zones can be stimulated.”

Twist and pout
A lazy lover’s dream, try this twist on spooning.

Your partner enters from behind, while the two of you lie facing the same direction.

Then, twist so that you are lying on your back with your knees towards your chest, your partner still in the spooning position.

It’s ultimate comfort – and the best view for your partner, who has access to your entire body.

“The physical closeness is primed for depth of emotional intimacy,” says Emily.

“Add in soft, teasing nipple stimulation, clitoral stimulation and neck kissing, too.”

Lube it up!
There’s no shame in reaching for the lube when you want to hurry things along.

Not only does it enhance your partner’s experience, it also intensifies touch for you.

Lube makes sex easy and more pleasurable
Lube makes sex easy and more pleasurableCredit: Getty
“For vaginal pleasure, use lubricant and add extra stimulation around the clitoris,” says Cécile Gasnault, brand director at Smile Makers.

Try The Oh Collective Joy Jelly Tingling Water Based Lube, £15, a pH-balanced formula that tingles for extra enjoyment.

Get the toys out
Sex toy websites and shops can feel overwhelming.

So start with one of the basics, such as a bullet vibrator, and see how it elevates pleasure with minimal effort.

“There’s no harm in using toys, particularly as they can make sex more enjoyable for both partners and can help trigger an orgasm,” says Emily.

“Keep toys close in a bedside table for easy access.”

Vibrators are useful for those who struggle to orgasm with vaginal penetration alone.

What’s more, Cécile says: “Stimulating the clitoris externally first to make it erect and create a tighter fit around the vagina can help you reach climax through vaginal stimulation.”

Maintain eye contact
Gazing into your partner’s eyes is one of the most useful, yet underrated, ways to intensify sex.

“Eye contact is the number-one thing people mention when I ask what makes somebody great at flirting,” says Alice Child, sex therapist and sexologist at SheSpot.

“It’s a really powerful tool to build connection, playfulness and intimacy,” adds Emily.

“Eye contact contributes to the building of anticipation of sexual energy and works particularly well if you sync your breathing, too.”

It’s not natural for everyone, though.

Suggest the idea to your partner in a non-sex situation.

Sit across from each other and hold each other’s gaze for a minute or two.

It may feel awkward initially, but will feel more natural with practice, and in time, you’ll be able to carry it into the bedroom.

Get to the bottom of it
“Anal pleasure can lead to some of the most incredible, orgasmic experiences in the human body,” Alice says.

“It’s filled with nerve endings, both externally and internally, so there is so much pleasure potential!” It doesn’t have to include penetration, though.

“To begin, think about experiencing anal touch in a deeply relaxed body,” says Emily.

“Work on deep breathing and slow, circular massage around the outer sphincter muscles. The anus can open when, and if, it feels like moving toward penetrative play.”

There’s another hot spot hidden on the posterior wall of the vagina, called the K-spot, which can respond to pressure both vaginally or anally.

Play together
Sometimes we like to get the job done ourselves – and masturbation allows you to do that.

But letting your partner watch you self-pleasure will not only turn them on, but also help them learn how you like to be touched, and vice versa.

Masturbation opens up different avenues with your partner
Masturbation opens up different avenues with your partnerCredit: Getty
“It can be easier to show your partner, rather than try to explain what you need with words,” says Alice.

“The watcher can still be very intimate and connected to the experience – for example, they can stroke your body and whisper in your ear how sexy you look.”