You’ve probably heard of the orgasm gap: in heterosexual relationships, women statistically have fewer orgasms than men. Much can — and should! — be done to improve that, starting with a better understanding of what your partner needs to reliably get off. A good place to start is upgrading your go-to bedroom moves.

Take the missionary position, for example. You and your partner may count this classic sex position as a favorite because of the intimacy it provides, but sex therapists say one small tweak can take it from “good” to much, much better.


The coital alignment technique (CAT) is a position where the clitoris is aligned with the penis in a position that prioritizes female pleasure. It’s worth noting that while the technique traditionally requires penetrative penis-in-vagina sex, this move can also work with a vibrator, strap-on, or another sex toy if that’s your preference.

The Coital Alignment Technique, or “CAT position” was developed to help women achieve more orgasms and especially simultaneous orgasms, by increasing clitoral stimulation during sex.

It’s no secret that the clitoris holds the key to orgasm for many people with vulvas, and while many sex toys put the clitoris in the spotlight, most penetrative sex positions focus on internal stimulation. Female masturbation with toys naturally focuses on female pleasure but there’s no reason why your orgasm shouldn’t be prioritized with a partner, too.

This is where CAT comes in. Rather than stimulating inside the vagina, the CAT focuses purely on clitoral stimulation with a rocking motion for more intense pleasure.


  1. Get into the missionary position, but have your partner positioned a little higher than usual. If you’re trying the position out with a partner, have their chest match up to your shoulders.
  2. Once comfortable, your partner can rest their weight on you – this will increase the closeness and enable more friction.
  3. Shallow penetration is best, with the shaft of his penis should rubbing against your labia. This creates more clitoral stimulation.
  4. Rather than thrusting in and out, ask your partner to grind their pelvis upwards in a rocking motion.
  5. Keep going, enjoy the sensation of rocking against your clitoris and see where the position takes you.

In one study of women who were unable to orgasm from missionary sex, published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, those who learned the CAT reported a 56 percent increase in their orgasm frequency.

There’s an extra bonus for guys, too, outside of providing their partners with intense pleasure. The Coital Alignment Technique can also help men last longer since they don’t experience the same heightened arousal that fast, deep thrusting provides.