If you’ve exhausted doggy-style, missionary, and girl-on-top in the bedroom, you might be wondering what positions there are left to explore that don’t take superhuman flexibility to accomplish. But never fear! It’s actually incredibly easy to modify your favorite positions and create enticing new moves that will having you wishing you could call in sick and stay in bed all day, experimenting.

If you’re bored of missionary, try…

Propping it up on a pillow
If you love missionary and wish your partner could go deeper during sex, this is the move for you. Prop your hips on a pillow and stay that way throughout sex, with your partner on top. This allows for deeper penetration and can do wonders for helping your partner hit the elusive g-spot.

Lining it up
If you crave a bit more clitoral contact during sex, using the Coital Alignment Technique, or CAT, could be your ticket to a mind-blowing orgasm. Have your partner lift his hips so they’re slightly higher than yours. This allows him to brush against your clitoris as he slides in and out of you, giving you all the sensation you crave but without having to do it yourself!

Zipping up legs
A super-easy way to modify missionary is by clamping your legs together as he slides into you. This heightens the sensation of him sliding in and out, making you feel more in tune with your orgasm.

If you’re bored of doggy-style, try…

Reaching it around
If you love doggy style but wish it included a little more action for your clitoris, try incorporating a vibrator into the mix. While your partner enters you from behind, have them reach over and turn a vibrator to your clitoris. The sensation of being taken from behind, plus clitoral stimulation, will have you climaxing in no time.

Adding some handcuffs
Another easy way to spice things up in doggy style is to have your partner hook your hands behind your back with handcuffs. Suddenly, this position becomes way more dominant, and letting your partner control the pace and how much you get touched might bring you over that glorious edge.

Taking it to the sky
While doggy style is usually done kneeling, it can be even more pleasurable if the partner doing the thrusting stands up and leans in, creating a totally different sensation and ample opportunity for a little butt play, if that’s your thing.

If you’re bored of girl-on-top, try….

Adjusting your seating
The oral version of girl-on-top, face sitting appeals to those who love seeing their partner pleasured. Girls on top in this position can control the pace with their hips and pelvis, add in their own clitoral stimulation, and even reach back to show their partner’s nether regions a little love.

Turning it around
If your partner loves a good view of your butt, this is the position for you. Turn around so your butt is facing toward his face and lean down so your breasts are resting on his knees. Your arms can be outstretched to the side to help you control your pace and balance as you roll your hips back and forth, driving him insane.

Spreading your wings
Half the fun of girl-on-top is the front-row seat to your beautiful breasts that it affords your partner, but if you’re sick of the same old song and dance, try flipping onto your back with legs in a V shape in the air. Your partner holds onto your butt cheeks and guides you to him, sliding himself in and using your hips as leverage as he thrusts in and out of you. He gets the view and does all the work. What could be better?

If you want to spice things up without getting too acrobatic, incorporate these positions into your routine. You’ll see a big payoff with these tweaks, and you might even find a new favorite!