There are lots of things that porn stars do that you definitely don’t want to take with you into the bedroom, but does that also mean that there’s nothing we can learn from porn stars? Not at all. There are lots of sex tips that you can and probably should learn from porn stars that can make you a sex goddess and make your sex life super hot. Surprisingly, these tips aren’t super secret special techniques that porn stars know and the regular world doesn’t.

Act Like You Want It!

The single most important thing that porn stars do in adult movies is they act like they want it everywhere, any way and all the time. Of course, much of it is acting but this is definitely a philosophy you can use in the bedroom – without going overboard of course.

When giving your man a blowjob, really get into it. Act like it is the only thing you want to be doing right then and pleasing your man is your priority. Act like you’re going to starve to death or the world is going to fall apart if you don’t give him head and that going down on him is something you need to do!

The same goes for sex – when he’s penetrating you, that’s all that exists at that moment and that’s all you want too! You may be acting a lot at first, but as you get into it and show him you want it, you’ll actually start to realize how much you actually do want it.

Don’t Worry About Your Bod

One thing that porn stars don’t worry about is how they look. They know they look good and they’re comfortable with themselves – but is this because they look better than everyone else? Not hardly! They just know something that girls who aren’t porn stars haven’t figured out yet – that guys don’t really care about their cellulite or whatever other insecurities they have about their bodies. When they’re having sex, the last thing your guy is thinking about is your thighs, except for the fact that he’s blissed out because they’re wrapped around them! So make like a porn star and forget all about your bodily insecurities so you can try those crazy sex positions that you haven’t tried yet because you’re afraid they’ll make your ass look big.

Dress Sexy

Porn stars know that above all else, men are visual creatures. They process information best when they actually see it, and they get turned on most when they see things that are sexy. This is why you often see porn stars keeping their push up bras or stilettos on during sex, because they know it adds that extra bit of visual flair that will really make a man melt. So instead of turning out the lights and getting totally naked when you and your man have sex, leave the light on or light a few candles to help illuminate the room so he can see what’s going on. You can also wear some sexy lingerie or just keep your chic work outfit on and let him lift up the skirt for an extra naughty touch. Dressing sexy also applies to what you wear outside of the bedroom, around the house or to work. Instead of putting on what is comfortable for you, think more about how you can dress to please your man. Sure, the cotton nightie is way more comfortable than the camisole set, but with the latter, sex is going to be on your partner’s mind the whole time you’re wearing it.

Dirty Talk

Men like to hear what’s going on in the bedroom as much as they like to see it. Porn stars are very vocal about what they want, what they like and how something feels – and that’s not at all a bad thing! Try incorporating some dirty talk into your sex routine to make it a little more steamy. If you’re fairly quiet during sex, you can simply start by making a few vocal sounds when your partner really does something to you that you like. Or, if you’re too shy to tell him what you want him to do to you, describe what you’re doing to him instead. Sometimes, dirty talk is simply a verbal play by play of what is going on and how much you or your partner like it. Get your partner into the dirty talk too by asking him what he wants to do to you!