Want to give your partner the feeling that you’re BIGGER during sex? Here are the 3 best positions for deep penetration and a tighter fit.

Pillow talk

You might think Missionary is on the boring side, but it has actually been voted women’s favorite sex position.

A survey by Skyn Condoms asked 2,827 women aged 18-34 “what’s your favorite position?” and 30% of ladies choose the standard move.

But if you’re a smaller guy just add one little twist.

Simply raise her hips a little by placing a pillow underneath her butt. This will create the perfect angle to hit the G-spot. The G-spot is only a maximum of 3 inches inside the vagina, so

Legs up

If the position above isn’t working for you, slip her legs up on your shoulders.

Any position where she has her legs raised narrows the vagina – ensuring you’ll feel bigger inside her.

You’ll also be able to reach her deep spot and, if you play it right, give her a vaginal orgasm.

Sex From Behind

According to a recent survey, both men and women list doggy style as their favorite position.

This also happens to be the move which makes you feel biggest. Doggy allows for extra deep penetration, and every stroke rubs against her G-spot.

It also means your hands are free to play with her clitoris, which most women need to orgasm during sex.

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