Most of us are probably guilty of being lazy in the “sack” sometimes. I mean, the majority of sex happens in bed. It’s hard to get amped up when it’s so cozy!

For days when you’re extra exhausted and just want to nap or you’re just not feeling frisky, there are lazy sex positions that will allow you to get the maximum bang for your effort.

Being tired or just not very horny definitely doesn’t mean you won’t change your mind about wanting to get some action if your partner (or you) puts on the right moves. And, as you’ll learn here, those moves don’t have to take much energy — or even much motion!

1. Corkscrew
Any position where you’re lying on your back is a go-to these days. Minimal effort is the name of the game, and this one puts pretty much all of the control on your partner. The key to this position is that your partner is standing or kneeling on the bed to enter you at a different angle. If you’re fond of spooning (see more below), this is a great way to shake it up without giving up on your precious time in bed.

2. Spooning
Does it get any better than spooning? This position (whether for sex with a penis, a strap-on, or a finger) is the gold standard of lazy sex positions. It’s perfect for morning (and middle-of-the-night) sex.

3. Lazy Dog
Any sex position that you could also sleep in is *chef’s kiss*. We love this one because there are ways to make it even more comfortable, like putting a pillow under your stomach to prop you up. In order for your partner to enter you, you might have to do a little wiggling, which is where that pillow comes in handy.

4. Inverted Missionary
It’s a great one for intimacy, since the partners can look into each other’s eyes, hold hands, and let hands and fingers wander all over each other’s bodies. For maximum enjoyment, grind your pelvis in a circular motion to increase orgasmic potential.

5. Missionary
Where are my missionary lovers? Missionary gets a bad rap for being vanilla, but it can be one of the best positions for connection, pleasure, and comfort. We pretty much all know how this one goes, but there are always ways to spice it up. If you’re not feeling the usual “legs in the air,” you can butterfly your legs out to the side with your knees bent. Your partner will get similar access without you having to partake in a yoga move for 10 minutes.

6. Launch Pad
This position is one of the best for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation. With your feet flat against your partner’s chest, you can control the depth of the thrust or tickle [their] balls. Place a pillow or wedge for back support and superior positioning to aid in stimulation and orgasm.

7. Poles Apart
You will definitely enjoy this head-to-foot position where your bodies are smushed together and one partner can finger the other. His penis is at an unusual angle, so you can try holding open your butt cheeks to help him better slide in.

8. Scissors
While this might be the most involved position on this list, it gets points because you’re still lying down — and with this one, you both get to! In this position, you and your partner lay on your sides, and wrap your legs around each other. You won’t experience the same penetration with this position as others; instead, you’ll grind on each other, making this a genius position for slow morning sex.