The words ‘viral’ and ‘sex position’ might spark fear in your mind – but we’ve come across a trending sex position that you should seriously consider adding into your repertoire: prone bone.

The ‘prone bone’ position is a fun twist on doggy-style and other sex-from-behind positions which always top our favorites list.

So, for those looking for an easy variaton to Doggy style, here’s how to master the Prone Bone sex position.

How to Prone Bone
In traditional doggy, the person being penetrated tends to be on their hands and knees, while the penetrating partner kneels behind them, but in the Prone Bone, you both get a little more horizontal. Okay, totally horizontal.

The receiving partner (the bottom) lies flat on their stomach, while the penetrating partner (the top) saddles up over them. With their knees bent, the top enters the bottom from behind. Fair warning: it can be slightly tricker entering someone in Prone Bone than in Doggy Style, as the angle of the bottom’s body makes the vulva or anus less accessible. But don’t stress, you can either enter in doggy, then smoothly transition into Prone Bone, or the bottom can elevate their hips slightly to make for, er, easier access. Plenty of lube always helps, too. The penetrating partner can then either stay elevated during sex, or they can lie totally flat on top of their lover, putting their whole weight on them.

Now for a pro tip from Zane: “The bottom should arch their back, which raises their behind, granting the top better access to their vulva or anus.”

Benefits of the Prone Bone sex position
First of all, says Zane, “if you’re a top who loves ass, the Prone Bone is great because it’s all booty jiggle – you really get a great view of your partner’s ass”.

Plus, he adds, it also allows for dom/sub play. “The top not only controls the depth and speed, but they can hold their partner’s hands behind their back, put all their weight on the partner, pull their hair, pin them to the bed, or even (safely) engage in breath play.” As long as this is all done consensually, of course. You can find tips on the latter here, which is a must-read before engaging in any kind of breath play.

The Prone Bone can also really allow for deep penetration – but, advises Zane, “bottoms with big behinds may need to hold their butt cheeks back to allow for deeper penetration”. Similarly, the position is great for more easy G-spot stimulation, which enhances pleasure for those with vulvas (which in turn will be a major turn-on for the person giving this pleasure).