Guys, we know you didn’t ask for this guide, but we also know you don’t know how to finger a girl properly, so we wrote it for you anyway. Because you need it.

Take our advice: How you use your fingers can make or break any sexual encounter, and if you do it right she will definitely be coming back for more.

1. Trim Your Nails

Because there is literally nothing worse than feeling like your insides are being scraped out. If you file your nails after your clip them, then everything is smooth. No sharp edges.

2. Take Your Time

Please don’t go straight for two fingers deep in my vagina, poking and drilling around like I’m going to come in the next 30 seconds. The goal is NOT to stuff your fingers in there as quickly as you can.

I’ve lost count of the number of times a guy has gone down my pants with his hand, right past the clit, to stuff fingers inside me. I’m usually not wet enough for that yet.

Before any fingering action starts, there needs to be neck kissing, boob touching, and thigh teasing… take your time and make me want it.

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